Learn how to get Keanu installed in your project.

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Building a new model with Keanu

You should use the Keanu starter project as a starting point for building new models on Keanu. The starter project includes the recommended file layout as well as a properly configured build script using Gradle

To create a new project from the starter project simply run the following command:

git clone --depth 1

This clones the Keanu starter repo.

Now that you have the starter project, head over to getting started to get started.

Using Keanu in an existing model (JVM based)

Keanu can be used with any build system that can pull artifacts from Maven Central (i.e. gradle, maven).

If you would like to start using Keanu in an existing project, simply add Keanu as a dependency in your gradle or maven build file.


In your project’s build.gradle

compile group: 'io.improbable', name: 'keanu', version: '0.0.26'


In your project’s pom.xml


Now that you have the dependency, head over to getting started.

Using Keanu Python

Keanu has a Python API which can be installed from PyPi:

pip install keanu

Note: We currently only support Python 3.6.